The Best of Us. A Call to Action.


Guest post from LSAISD Class of 2015 participant Roxanna Montes-Bazaldua with her thoughts on the November class of the 2015-2016 school year.  Roxanna lives in the San Antonio Independent School District and is a graduate of Jefferson High School.

Our afternoon time was spent taking a deeper dive on the results of our Strength Finder themes. Our cohort was lead by Sally Robertson, together we discussed and reflected on our individual and collective strengths. Activities included a balance of writing activities and sharing our take aways about our strength themes—all providing an essence of both individual and team reflection. The group received several resources including my favorite… the color coded spreadsheet of our cohorts’ themes.


We acknowledged our strengths and the natural progression of our cohort would lead us to action. Data points we are strategic thinkers and doers that will get the job done. Conversely, we did recognize collectively we may need to rely on certain team members to “woo” our passionate efforts to the open ears and hearts of others.

Four Domains of Team Strength

Executing Influencing Relationship buiding Strategic thinking
44 cohort members 20 cohort members 49 cohort members 57 cohort members
Achiever -Arranger -Focus Activator-Command Adaptability-Connectedness Analytical-Context-
Belief-Consistency- Responsibility Communiation-Competition Developer-Empathy- Positivity Futruristic – ideation-Input
Deliberative-Discipline- Restorative Maximizer- Self Assurance- Woo Harmony-Includer- Individualization- Relator Intellection- Learner-Strategic

Herbert Spencer once said “ The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”   An idea arose in the group to align with a SAISD home campus and join their site based decision making committee. The following is taken from TEA’s site based decision making resource guide.

Each school district is required to adopt a policy and have administrative procedures to

establish a district- and campus-level planning and decision making process. This process

must involve professional staff of the district, parents and community members in

establishing and reviewing the district’s and campuses’ educational plans, goals,

performance objectives and major classroom instructional programs. (TEC 11.251 (b, d)

Another suggestion is to regroup based on our interest and develop action items to pursue during our final 3 sessions of Leadership SAISD.

In closing, I appreciate we used Gallup’s Strength Finders as a personal and group resource. It is a way to work smarter not harder, especially in effective groups. Time spent to discuss and consider how we can see ourselves and others with a strength based lens was beneficial. It is a tool that is relevant in my career and hopefully fellow cohort members find it applicable in their lives and professions. I would like to continue to see Strength Finder become part of our cohort’s common language as we continue to ideate and bring forth positive change in our SAISD community.